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Lightweight flight case FS Series

The FS lightweight flight cases are durable, sturdy, reusable and feature our unique FB20 or FB45 locking systems, making operation simple and sound. The flight case provides protection against dust and water. Has no protruding parts, and its components are easily interchangeable.

Where minimal weight is essential we are able to omit the aluminium profiles, and provide hollow sandwich panels connected by butterfly locks. The flight cases in this series are strong, lightweight and available in all sizes.

Features FS Series

  • Strong
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Advanced and unique locking system
  • All dimensions possible
  • Various versions available

Customized Transport boxes

Transport boxes from the Fawic FS Series are custom-made, super light-weight  and extremely strong. This way you always have the right durable solution for the transport of your goods.

FS20 Series

In our FS20 system, the composite sandwich panel is formed and welded by us to produce a complete strong and lightweight product. The extreme flight case is closed by means of our sturdy FB20 locking system.

FS45 Series

The FS45 series features the same strong, lightweight properties of our FS20 series but benefit from a robust FB45 locking system.

FS Series HD25

In the construction of our FS Series HD25 we have omitted the aluminium profiles and provided hollow sandwich panels connected with butterfly locks. Making this series particularly suitable for transport in which aluminium profiles would cause interference.

FS Series HD30

The containers of our FS Series HD30 comprise of 30 mm panels without aluminium profiles that are particularly suitable for applications where weight is an issue. The containers fit easily in sea containers as well as in aircraft pallets.

FS45 Bike box

The FS45 Bike box is ideal for the safe transit and storage of your bike, and comes equipped with our strong FB45 locking system.

FS Specials

At Fawic the possibilities are endless! Various designs and applications are possible to further customize The FS series.

Bespoke solutions

Fawic FS Series Extreme flight cases are custom made. With our bespoke solutions we always have the right box for the transport of your goods.