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FS45 Series


The ultimate flight case

This unique transport case has the same properties as our FS20 flight cases: a welded and moulded composite sandwich panel, giving it a sturdy light design, and is fitted with our robust FB45 locking system (large stainless steel handles). The wall panels are hereby thickened at the closures into the required 45 mm.

Customize We are able to provide the box with a frame for the storage of spare parts.

FS45 Transport case

The FS45 Transportation case has a hood welded in one piece. The bottom is designed towards your specifications from the same plastic, aluminium or steel. The FS45 system is ideally suited for the design of large containers.

FS45 tailored

The FS45 can be adapted to your specifications. For example, parts of a rocket have been transported with specially designed FS45 boxes. The aerospace company that conducted tests: charged the hood of the FS45 with 2500 kg and its frame to 10.5 tons, results provided no problem for the FS45.

Learn more about the possibilities the FS45 series has to offer. Please contact our sales team for more information.