Thermodyne industrial cases

Optimal protection

Thermodyne boxes are made of sturdy HDPE and offer decades of optimal protection under extreme conditions, with at least 100 transports guaranteed. The boxes meet the standard ATA 300 Cat.1 depending on type and weight of content. The standard versions are all stackable.

Thermodyne guards your sensitive equipment by locking out moisture and provides chemical resistance. We provide additional options according to protection class IP54 and IP65.

Thermodyne quality

  • Available from 1 piece
  • 450 standard sizes
  • 9 standard colours
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Resistant to most & chemicals
  • Optional foam interior

Fujitsu scanners in Fawic cases

For technically sensitive products the chemical resistance of the packaging material and the avoidance of humidity are particularly important. Fujitsu needed protection for valuable scanners in a reusable, durable, lightweight transport packaging in various sizes and designs. Also a reduction of long-term transport costs were decisive for Fujitsu to choose Fawic Thermodyne cases. Scanners can now be transported securely. Fujitsu indicates that by using Thermodyne cases there is not only less waste and transport damage, but customer statisfaction and professional looks have increased.

Since we have implemented the Thermodyne solution we have continued to purchase new models that have different shapes and sizes.

Thermodyne Standard

Thermodyne boxes are made of sturdy HDPE and offer decades of optimal protection under extreme conditions.

Thermodyne System

Thermodyne system boxes are stackable at equal heights both vertically and horizontal.

Thermodyne Trolley

Special designed trolleys of Polyethylene (HDPE) with integrated telescopic handle and wheels: They are stable and withstand heavy loads.

Thermodyne 19″ series

These cases provide protection for 19″ electronic equipment. The series are available in Front Load and Top load.

Thermodyne Fireproof

This fireproof containers meets the standard HM224B / DOT31FP and ATA 300 Cat.1 and therefore suitable for transporting oxygen bottles.

Thermodyne Applicase

Applicases are the attractively designed all-rounders among service cases. They are produced individually, customised for the specific purpose and deliverable in numerous standard sizes.

Foam Interiors

All of our Thermodyne cases can be fitted with a tailored foam interior produced in-house.


The form and function of the box can be changed. We can provide our Thermodyne cases with various types of foam interiors.

Thermodyne Track & Trace

Application of a Thermodyne case fitted with Track and Trace. This case can be followed worldwide via GPS and Mobile.

At Fawic we have manufactured transport boxes in any format for almost every imaginable application. We design each case inside out. Find out what we can do for you: please contact our experts for a free consultation.