Thermodyne Applicase Series

Applicases are the attractively designed all-rounders among service cases. They are produced individually, customised for the specific purpose and deliverable in numerous standard sizes. The structure made of impact-resistant polyethylene provides the necessary robustness in tough working environments as much as carrying convenience due to their low weight. The black, power-coated closing profile is extremely scratch-resistant and also gives the mobile carry case a special stability. The striking protective corners effectively protect the case from scratches and ensure they can be stacked at the same time. The cases offer a locking system that protects the contents of the case from unauthorised access. Large areas on the lid and base offer the possibility of individual printing. The rubbirised, ergonomic handle ensures a secure grip and perfect handling of the mobile carry case. The entire series is available in all Thermodyne standard colours. With this series too, the cases can be provided with a custom-made interior, if desired. In addition to the standard version, the Applicase can also be supplied in a different colour, format and with print. The Applicase is the perfect working aid in technical, medical or trades use.

With our Thermodyne cases we always find suitable solutions to help you guarantee optimum safety and handling during storage and transport.


Lufthansa uses our boxes for storage and transportation of their aircraft’s vulnerable spare-parts.

Features Applicase:

  • Lightweight

  • Handy

  • Sturdy

  • Modern design

  • Stackable

  • Individually adjustable