Precision Engineered Transport Solutions for Satellite Technology

Safeguarding Innovation in Orbit

In the realm of satellite innovation, where cutting-edge research meets advanced engineering, Fawic presents a bespoke line of transport boxes designed exclusively for the high-tech satellite industry.

Tailored to the Satellite Sector:

Our transport solutions are crafted with an acute understanding of the satellite industry’s unique demands. Each box is a testament to precision engineering, ready to meet the stringent requirements of satellite technology transport.

Innovative Protection for Sensitive Instruments:

Satellites are equipped with intricate instruments that require the utmost care during transportation. Fawic’s transport boxes, with custom-designed buffers and frames, ensure these delicate components are shielded against the rigors of transit.

Modularity Meets Versatility:

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of satellite technology, Fawic offers modular transport boxes. This design philosophy ensures a perfect fit for a range of satellite sizes and types, providing a future-proof solution as your satellite dimensions evolve.

Why Choose Fawic for Your Satellite Transport Needs?

Lightweight Efficiency:
Our use of high-grade, lightweight materials reduces shipping costs without compromising protection, reflecting both economic and environmental considerations.

Customization at Its Core
Fawic’s in-house R&D department collaborates closely with clients to deliver transport boxes that are as innovative as the satellites they secure.

European Craftsmanship:
Embedded in the European tradition of quality and precision, Fawic’s transport solutions represent the pinnacle of continental engineering excellence.

Lightweight Box

The ultimate flight case: strong, lightweight and available in any size.

Medium weight Box

The FB20 locking system provides easy construction and dismantling.

Heavyweight Box

Unique and strong FB45 locking system allows rapid assembly and dismantling.

Art transport Box

The boxes in this series are suitable for the transportation of paintings and (3D) sculptures in aircrafts.

Protection for your satellite transportation

Choose Fawic for transport security that aligns with the sophistication of your satellite technology. Explore our products and find out how we can contribute to the seamless delivery of your high-tech equipment.