FB45 Industrial Packaging

The FB45 series consists of transport boxes with sandwich panels up to 45 mm thickness. They are equipped with the unique and strong FB45 locking system allowing rapid construction and disassembly. The transport box is exceptionally strong and virtually indestructible in rough conditions during transit.

The FB45 box is particularly suitable for transport or storage of vulnerable products, large volume and a great weight.

Features FB4

  • Rapid installation
  • Easy disassembly
  • Strong and unique locking system
  • High-quality materials
  • No protruding parts
  • Sandwich panels up to 45mm thick
  • Modular construction

Customized Transport boxes

Transport boxes in all sizes and various designs possible up to a maximum length of 6 meters!

Secure Transport

Boxes with the Fawic patented FB45 locking system are extremely strong and are, without doubt, the only answer for bulky critical shipments. The FB45 boxes can be delivered in all sizes standard up to 6 meter. Larger sizes are negotiable.

FB45 Transport box

The FB45 box is particularly suitable for transportation or storage of vulnerable products and large volume batches.

FB45 Long materials container

With its rigid design the FB45 is the perfect solution for the quick and efficient transport of long materials, in large numbers.

Unique FB45 Locking System

The unique FB45 locking system safeguards your products during transit and allows for a rapid assembly and disassembly of the box.

Customized FB45 Industrial Packaging

Fawic industrial packaging and transport boxes are custom made. You always have the right solution for the transport of your goods.