Cimate room

Easy & fast moving Depot


Our climate rooms meet the European standards. The room can be used for archaeological purposes. It is also possible to connect it to a nitrogen generator. The installations are not delivered or assembled by us. These will have to be supplied and connected by a local/regional company, particularly because of service and maintenance. We can, however, install the connection points when indicated by them.

Have questions about our climate room? Don’t hesitate to contact our experts.

Flexible solution

  • We can produce the climate room to your specifications.
  • Setting up the structure only takes 10 to 15 minutes.
  • You remain flexible by the mobile use of installation and dismantling whenever you need.

Optimal storage

We have produced demountable climate rooms for various museums with our FB20 system. A similar room is used for the archaeological depot in the town of Vlaardingen. This climate room is used to store archaeological finds and is kept at a certain temperature and humidity by means of climate control.

This climate rooms do not use a flooring out of our system but are closed by means of a cell rubber on a smooth floor. These climate chambers are also suitable for building an oxygen-depleted space. If desired, we can install connections to which a nitrogen generator can be connected, creating an oxygen-poor climate.

Archaeological depot

Our climate rooms can be used as an aid to the archaeological depot meeting the required European standard with climatic conditions for depot spaces (18 ° C and 30% humidity). Our climate chambers are removable and can be build in an existing building ato separate the two air streams.

Our experts are keen to help you to solve your problems on mobile/flexible storage of archeological artefacts.