Thermodyne 19-inch Series

These deep drawn Polyethylene (PE-HD) boxes are 19 inches wide and perfect for the protection of your electronic equipment. Our front and top load solutions are space-saving and keep your equipment well protected.



Valuable products require careful handling. In order to provide maximum protection, we developed and produced customized foam pads and supports made of plastic or lightweight metal. This makes transport damage a thing of the past.


  • Castors
  • Handles
  • Locks
  • Hinges
  • Labels & logos

Foam solutions

We can advise on foam solutions taking your requirements and the fragility of your products in account. We are able to test the best packaging solution for your product in our own laboratory. On our 3D CAD and CAM machines we produce some pieces to large series in a short time.

Sensitive products, which may be supported only in certain places, require special demands on packaging. Our plastic or aluminium supports are produced in-house.


Thermodyne 19 inch case Top-Load

Top load opening, saves space and keeps your equipment well protected.

Thermodyne 19 inch Front-Load

Top load opening, saves space and provides secure protection.

Thermodyne 19 inch case Vibro-stop

Protects your sensitive equipment by a spring interior.

Fawic Transport boxes are custom made. You always have the right solution for the transport of your goods.