Quality packaging for machinery & spare parts

Transport of valuable machinery and spare parts

Machines are increasingly costly investments. Transport and storage of complex, sensitive and valuable equipment therefore demands suitable transport packaging. Apt protection of your equipment starts with a packaging solution adjusted to the requirements of your machines and mode of transport.

Fawic packaging solutions meet these requirements. The lightweight but extremely strong and robust transport boxes provide optimum protection during transport or storage of your valuable equipment

Synthetic cases

  • Strong, durable
  • lightweight
  • unbreakable HDPE
  • For sensitive equipment

Synthetic cases for vulnerable parts

The packaging and transport of vulnerable parts requires special care. Fawic provides strong, durable and lightweight cases made of virtually unbreakable HDPE. We provide solutions for highly sensitive equipment and help you to design a cost-effective packaging solution for your product.

FB20 Boxes for tools

Our strong and lightweight FB20 boxes are also very suitable for packing tools. We can develop and manufacture the boxes fully tailored to your wishes and requirements.  A custom-made interior is also possible.

Thermodyne transport boxes

Thermodyne boxes are sturdy and made of HDPE and offer optimal protection under extreme conditions.

Thermodyne System

Thermodyne system boxes feature the same benefits of our standard boxes, but are stackable both vertically and horizontally.

Thermodyne Trolley

Thermodyne Trolleys are special designed trolleys of Polyethylene (HDPE) with integrated telescopic handle and wheels.

Customized interior solutions

Customized interior solutions for special and safe transport of machines and components

Special custom made lenghts

Fawic also produces packaging solutions for deviating length dimensions.

Transport solutions for Machinery

At Fawic we manufacture transport solutions in any format for almost every imaginable application. We design each case inside out. Find out what we can do for you: please contact our experts for a free consultation.