Quality packaging for the food industry

Food safety comes first

The food trade knows no boundaries. It is becoming more complex for manufacturers to control food safety and quality, while at the same time risks arise faster and stronger. Social developments, scandals, and increasing legislation put enormous pressure on the industry and its reputation. Large companies develop their own standards and practices to manage risks and to protect their brand and reputation.

Packaging for food

The demands imposed on packaging and storage of food are increasing. Fawic develops and manufactures durable boxes that meet the high demands of the food industry. Our boxes can be made in any desired size or design. We think with you about a hygienic, safe and cost-effective packaging for your products.

Food packaging

  • Hygienic
  • Safe
  • Cost-effective
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Any size or design

Outer packaging

Our FB20 pallet boxes are also suitable as outer packaging to prevent contamination from incoming wooden packaging or cardboard.

Lightweight Box

The ultimate flightcase: strong, lightweight and deliverable in any size.

Medium weight Box

Our FB20 locking system allows for a fast construction and disassembly.

Aluminium container

Hygienic and safe aluminum containers available in various designs and sizes.

Aluminium pallet

Hygienic and lightweight aluminum pallets. Available in various sizes and designs.

Transport packaging for the food industry

At Fawic we manufacture transport solutions in any format for almost every imaginable application. We design each case inside out. Find out what we can do for you: please contact our experts for a free consultation.