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FB20 Pallet Box


The FB20 pallet box for safe transport

The FB20 pallet box is suitable for the safe transportation of your products and can be delivered in complete folding solutions. The aluminium base of the FB20 pallet box can be fitted with a variety of means to secure your goods during transit.

The FB20 pallet box is a modular box and can be adapted in height up to 3 layers. The box sections are easy to connect using the special FB20 profiles. Depending on your chosen ratios of length-width-height this box is ideal for return freight and can be stored with a reduced volume.

Customize The FB20 pallet box is suitable for the transport of parts and final products within an entire production chain. The bottom pallet is designed for the use of forklift trucks.

Features FB20

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Modular construction
  • Versatile

Optimum protection during transport

Fawic’s durable and strong locking systems withstand considerable pressure. Optimum protection during every transport is safeguarded thanks to the materials used in our panels, with a thickness of 20 mm: The FB20 Pallet Box withstands the toughest tests. The patented locking system provides dust and moist protection.

Returnable folding design

After dismantling, the walls and cover are placed into the aluminium pallet bottom, to create reduced volume for immediate return. The box can reused and parts are available from stock that fit on any type of box.

This pallet box can be supplied in any format. Based on your specifications we are able to produce the pallet box to perfectly fit your transport requirements.

Pallet box locking system

On questions regarding our locking system, please contact us.

Request quote

All dimensions are possible and may be indicated by you. The disassembly of the pallet box depends on size. Of course we are happy to advise you on the various possibilities.

Case: Fawic Pallet Box for food industry

A well-known Suisse food manufacturer decided on the Fawic FB20 pallet box as outer packaging for food products. The company sought a durable ligthweight box in three different sizes. The pallet boxes have the following dimensions: 1400x1200x1600 mm, 1300x1000x1600 mm and 1300x1300x2000 mm. Each box is built on an aluminium pallet so that the box can easily be moved and lifted. The box is provided with a removable front wall and a hinged lid. The box features 2-color (black and white) impact-resistant and ultra light panels that weigh only 2,65 kg per m².

Case: Pallet Box for pharmaceutical industry

For the packaging of bottles containing anesthetic a renowned German pharmaceutical company switched from cardboard to durable Fawic FB20 Boxes. The box is 1200x800x1100 mm and stands on an aluminium base. The 20 mm strong and lightweight PP glass fibre strength panels have a honeycomb core inside and can easily be exchanged. The box is sealable by means of a sealstrip or lockable by means of a padlock. The interior of the box has 5 floors, including 4 drawers. Each floor features a white PE30 foam mat which is tailored to hold a badge of 216 bottles per mat.

Do you have questions or specific wishes for your pallet box? Please contact us.