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Thermodyne Fireproof

Thermodyne Fireproof is our best solution for the transport of oxygen bottles

Oxygen cylinders up to 213 CUFT can be transported in a Fawic’s fireproof box with the dimensions of 1420 x 470 x 455 mm.

These containers serve the transportation of oxygen bottles in the aviation and comply with:
• ATA Spec. 300, Cat. 1
• HM224B


FT103 011

Oxygen to 11 CUFT
Interior Dimensions:
580 x 120 x 170 mm

FT103 115

Oxygen cylinders to 115 CUFT
Interior Dimensions:
925 x 235 x 235 mm

FT103 213

Oxygen cylinders to 213 CUFT
Interior Dimensions:
1185 x 255 x 255 mm

Fawic Transport boxes are custom made. We always have the right solution for the transport of your goods.