About us

At Fawic we develop and manufacture customized industrial packaging

Fawic specialist in customized industrial packaging

Since 2001 we are a reliable partner in the development and manufacturing of industrial custom packaging.
Our office is situated in Almelo. We focus on finding optimum solutions for safe transportation of various goods, equipment and sensitive products. We have an expert team of staff who provide expert advice and keeps account of customers needs. Our clients include renowned national and international companies, municipalities and museums.

Within our product range of we offer standard sizes, custom options and bespoke solutions. Our unique locking systems keeps your products secure. Through thorough product analysis, rigorous engineering processes, prototyping and testing-phase, we are where necessary able to guarantee high quality products.

At Fawic everything is possible: from packing the greatest products to the smallest objects. Our goal is to provide the best solutions for our clients: secure transport and cost effective solutions. We achieve our aims by making our packaging as light as possible and where possible volume-saving by using removable panels.

ISO Certification

Fawic stands for:

  • Quality
  • Service
  • Customization
  • Advice
  • Expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Safety
  • Cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly


Oscar Kolkhuis Tanke

Managing Director

Mob: +31(0)6-13216577

E-mail: o.kolkhuistanke@fawic.nl

Languages: Dutch, German, English

“Fawic delivers fast and compact solutions of good quality and reliable. We develop boxes that fit perfectly with your question. And we can supply the world to you.”

Oscar Kolkhuis Tanke


Ben Boomkamp

Production Leader

Tel: +31(0)546-767250

E-mail: info@fawic.nl

Languages: Dutch


If you’d like to learn more about our transport solutions our team at Fawic are happy to help.