FB20 transport boxes for professionals

Specially developed for professional applications, the FB20 transport box combines modular construction with strong lightweight material. When you need the most cost-effective solution and ultimate mobility for the safe transportation of your equipment; the FB20 is essential.

The disassembly sequence for the demountable transport boxes are designed around the customer’s specifications. All sizes and designs are possible.

The boxes are provided with the unique FB20 locking system, and therefore suitable for all sectors and products.

Features FB20

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Modular construction
  • Versatile

Customized Transport boxes

Always have the right solution for the transport of your goods. Fawic FB20 transport boxes are custom made, lightweight and strong. With the FB20 boxes you save considerable on transportation costs.

Fully collapsible

Our FB20 transport boxes can be built for complete disassembly. This gives you full access to all 4 sides to fixate your product without lifting or hoisting. The assembly of the 4 walls and roof are joined in seconds without the need for tools. The FB20’s modular construction helps you save space during storage and return transport.

FB20 Pallet Box

The FB20 Pallet Box is suitable for empty return transport and fairs where volume storage is very costly. The pallet box can be reduced in size and adapted to other formats as long as the correct ratio between the width and height is maintained.

FB20 Bike box

The FB20 Bike Box is designed for the safe transport of bikes and motor accessories.

FB20 Long material box

With the FB20 Long material Box you can transport long materials quickly and easily.

FB20 Insulated

The FB20 Insulation Box is an exceptionally well-insulated transport box.

High-tech Transportboxes

Durable and innovative transport packaging from Fawic is highly suitable for the safe transport of valuable and technological equipment. Do you also want to save on your transport costs? Thanks to our strong and lightweight constructions, you will also save on transport costs with our returnable packaging. We would be happy to calculate the payback period for you. Ask our experts.