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FB20 and FS45 Bike Box

Optimal protection for safe transportation of your bike

Safe transportation

The FB20 and FS45 Bike boxes are specially designed for the safe transport of motorcycles. Additional equipment may be included in the special bike box. The bike box is strong, modular and lightweight. The bike is fixed by means of tensioning straps to the bottom of the crate. The model of the front wheel support can be custom made. (Like the boxes we designed for one of the MotoGP racing teams, who transports all its bikes in Fawic Bike Boxes).

Modular system
Both the FB20 as the FS45 box can be supplied in any specification, and its interior can be customized for any use. To access your bike, the Bike Box fixed panels are easily removed. The side panels are interchangeable and can be linked. All parts and components are the same for each type of box, easily interchangeable and available from stock.


  • We can fit the box with a frame for the storage of spare parts.

"Fast and reliable transport solution!

Fawic Shacks are like our race Cars – strong and solid with maximum performance and minimum weight for the most successful transport results. They full fill our requirements for a fast and reliable transport solution!

Jens Hage Lauer
Motorsport Logistics Equipment & Transport EMW 23 Porsche

100% Reusable

Our boxes are durable and reusable and can also be used for temporary storage. Our boxes are both environment friendly and cost effective.

Bike box made to measure

The box can be supplied in any specification to suit your needs and its interior can be customized for any use. The impact-resistant panels can be easily removed, for easy access to your motorcycle. The side panels are interchangeable and can be linked. Parts are the same for each type of box, easily interchangeable and available from stock.

Case: FB20 Bike box for motorsport

In the world of cicuit racing, costly motors, cars and parts need proper packaging solutions to be shipped all over the world. Sustainable packaging needs to be reusable, practical and cost-effective. One of the MotoGP teams transports all its motorcycles in Fawic boxes.

The FB20 Bike Box is 2200x800x1550 mm including the aluminium base. The impact-resistant and lightweight 20mm glasfiberstrength woven PP panels with a PP honeycomb core inside can be removed easily, giving access to the bike from all sides. The model of the wheel clamp depends on the type of motorcycle and is custom-made. The box has no outstanding parts and the interior of the box was adapted for the desired use.

Various versions

The bike box comes in different versions: from budget to pro. The choice largely depends on how you want to use your box and how often. Team Fawic will advise you on the best options. For example, the FB20 has a different floor plate than the FB45.

FS45 bike box pro

With its customized solution the FS45 pro edition comprises both of a welded bottom and roof section into a single part composite panel. The two parts are connected by our extremely strong FB45 locking profile. The box is light and extremely impact resistant. The FS45 bike box is used successfully to satisfaction of the MotoGP racing team.

FB20 bike box speed

The FB20 Bike Box and FB20 speedway box are lighter version than its big brother FS45, and features a sturdy aluminium base. The advantage of the FB20 and the FS45 boxes are both completely detachable.

FB20 bike box budget

Our latest bike box is an 8o pound, specially designed budget box for the rider who wants to transport his bike safely. The price starts from € 2295, – per piece excl. VAT.

The FB20 and FS45 Bike Boxes make safe transport of your motorcycle and equipment possible. Contact us for any questions and bespoke solutions.