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FB20 and FB45 for elongated objects


FB20 and FB45 long goods Container

The FB20 and FB45 long goods Container, protects your goods from moist and dust during transport. The box consists of strong sandwich panels and a sturdy locking system. With its rigid design you can transport elongated materials quickly and easily. Even in large numbers.

Unique docking system
With the long goods container a unique set of transportation tools such as the new docking system can be delivered. As a result, the box is easy to lift and to move around, without hand-truck or forklift. Making the transportation of long materials quick and easy! The system itself takes up little space.


  • We deliver customized solutions. If you have special requirements Please contact us. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Lightweight and strong

Like all Fawic transport boxes, the long goods container is equipped with our unique locking system to link the panels seamlessly together. High-quality, lightweight panels provide excellent insulation and protection. The construction is stable, weather resistant and ensures safe transport.

Long components box, super fast and universal

The FB20 and FB45 Long material Box is perfect for long articles and products, even when it comes to sensitive material. The handy locking system assembles and disassembles the panels very fast.. Thanks to its unique loading solutions this box is suitable for components and finished goods within an entire production chain.


 Your own measurements can be realized with a selection of loose panels and Fawic’s unique locking system.

Feel free to request a quote from us.

If you have questions or specific wishes for your long goods box, please contact our sales team. They will help you choose the right transport packaging solution.