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FB45 Industrial Transport Box


Safe transportation

Boxes that come with the FB45 locking system are extremely strong and no doubt the answer to bulky, precarious transports such as high-tech equipment, machinery and capital goods. The 45mm thick sandwich panels are made of lightweight material and have excellent protection values. The panels are easy to seal with stainless steel fasteners. The selection panel and the box interior can be completely customized to suit your transport.

Fawic’s sturdiest locking system
The locking system can withstand a lot of abuse. Our boxes have been put to the test. They can stand the most severe conditions during transportation. The panels that feature this modular construction system have a thickness of up to 45mm. This dust and splash water protection system offers the best protection for all your products.

Areas of application

Transports with a high vulnerability and large volume. The semiconductor industry, capital goods, the medical industry, art objects, aerospace and defense are industries where boxes with the FB45 locking system are already being used.

Return on investment

All Fawic boxes can be completely disassembled. The patented FB45 locking system ensures rapid construction and disassembly. The box lightweight materials can be returned flat-packed and requires minimum transport space on return. After which they can be re-used. Our sustainable transport boxes last years & years of intensive use. The industrial transport boxes can also be used for temporary storage. Parts are available for all types of boxes from stock.

Have a look at the cost savings.


Our sturdy transport boxes with the FB45 locking system are already being applied to transports with high vulnerability and large volume, such as: The semiconductor industry, capital goods, medical industry, art, aerospace and military. The largest and heaviest version of Fawic’s transport boxes can take a beating. Your products are well protected during rough transits. In addition you benefit by being able to economise on transport costs.

Unique FB45 locking system

The FB45 transport boxes are equipped with the high-quality and robust FB45 locking system. This system has a pull-in range of 1 cm. The robustness of the FB45 makes these boxes ideal for the transport of products. The FB45 remains lightweight and keeps you saving on transportation costs.

Case: FB45 Box for bobsled

A German transport company that specializes in logistiscs for sports and thus the transport of professional sports equipment, switched from boxes with aluminum plates to Fawic FB45 boxes with plastic panels for packing bobsleds. Reason for the change: the Fawic boxes weigh less ( approx. 260 instead of 380 kg) and the wall panels are less susceptible to damage. The FB45 Box is a strong transport container with impact resistant lightweight fiberglass reinforced composite sandwich panels. The box is equipped with the durable and Fawics strongest locking system: FB45. The box stands on a base manufactured of aluminum tubes with forklift pockets on 4 sides, so that this long box can be handled easily from both the long and the short sides. The box is 4100x1035x1120 mm including the base. The interior of the box is equipped with rails on which the bobsled can be placed and fixed. The box is lockable by means of a locking pin in combination with a padlock.

At Fawic we think in solutions. We have already solved handling problems for many different clients using customized solutions of our boxes. Want to know if the FB45 is suitable for your transport? Please contact us.