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FS HD30 Series lightweight containers


Container with 30 mm sandwich panels

In our FS HD30 containers series, no aluminium profiles are used, instead the panels are welded into a largely cocoon. The sandwich panels of 30mm are sealed at the face side half-round, so that one does not look in the panels honeycomb core.

These containers are particularly suitable for applications where weight is an issue. The container doors are closed with 4 locks, with a single key.

The container stands on a lightweight aluminium pallet, allowing the container to be easily moved with a forklift. One side of the pallet is fitted with wheels. If the container is slightly lifted on the opposite side the container lets itself be rolled away. (Tested: 1 person moved 3ton weight).

Aluminium is lighter, but also softer than steel. If a more solid construction than aluminium is desired, the container can also be provided with an electrolytic steel bottom. Increasing its weight with 175 kg.


  • We can fit the box with a frame for the storage of spare parts.

"Fast and reliable transport solution!

Fawic Shacks are like our race Cars – strong and solid with maximum performance and minimum weight for the most successful transport results. They full fill our requirements for a fast and reliable transport solution!

Jens Hage Lauer
Motorsport Logistics Equipment & Transport EMW 23 Porsche

Suitable for sea container and aircraft pallet

The container without top box set features an aluminium base and only has a weight of 345 kg. This container fits with its dimensions (3007x2300x2160 mm) perfectly in a sea container.

In addition the container fits on an aircraft pallet (PMC pallet), on which the container is fixed with a net. Certification of the container is therefore no longer required.

FS HD30 tailored

To maximize cargo space of the plane completely, we offer a top box set, composed of two boxes, which follow the contours of the aircraft: The rectangular top box with dimensions 2980x1100x770mm and the top box with slanted sides with dimensions 2980x1100x770 / 250mm.

The bottom is fitted with an airline track. As a result, the content is easy to fix. When desired the container can be adapted with an intermediate bottom.

Case: Porsche chooses the FS HD30

Porsche decided on the FSHD30 for the protection of their precious equipment. By choosing the reusable and sustainable transport solution FSHD30, Porsche saves on costs and benefits increased flexibility with Fawic Packaging Solutions. Sea container or aircraft container now easily transports the Porsche team’s equipment. The FS HD30 is a strong transport container with 30mm sandwich panels on a lightweight aluminium pallet. This makes the total weight just 345 kg. The dimensions of the FS HD30 fit perfectly with those of sea containers and plane (PMC) pallets.

The FS- HD30 is lightweight and can be made to measure. Want to know if your transport packaging can contribute to cost reduction? Please contact our team.