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With Fawic into space!

Space plays a more important role in our daily lives than one might expect. Think of our great need for communication, of GPS systems that help us daily to navigate to the right place, of the contribution to our safety.

A lot of research is done for all these applications. Exploration into an infinite space. The mapping of new solar systems, studies of life in space …. and so much more.
It may sound strange, but Fawic contributes a little bit to all this. Not to the development of the aerospace itself, but we contribute to the development and production of high quality shipping containers to transport these sensitive technological components securely.

Transport containers for aerospace

ruimtevaart kistRockets and satellites consist of sensitive technological components which are manufactured in spezialized companies and need to be transported with care.
Fawic has developed special high-quality transport containers that can transport solar arrays and specific rocket engine frames.

Our special high-quality aerospace transport containers are made based on our FS45 series with a bottom construction made of steel and a welded plastic lid of composite sandwich panels. The panels of the containers in our FS series are formed and welded to a very strong lightweight and homogeneous product. The containers in our FS45 series are closed by Fawic’s strongest locking system: FB45.

The  container on the photo above is made to pack a large part of a rocket structure. The FB45 container stands on a bottom structure made of steel and has the dimensions 3,5 x 3 x 3 meters.