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Christoffel® I – II – III – IV art transport cases


Fine art box

The Christoffel® protects paintings during transport and storage depots. For Christoffel® a special transport tool was developed to prevent tilting of the box, and makes lifting and moving much easier and safer. Its dimensions comply with standards in transport with a maximum door width of 80 cm.

The panels have excellent insulating quality with dust and moist protection. The FB20 locking system offers the best protection for all your transports and provides rapid construction and disassembly upon departure and arrival without the need for tools. Christoffel® is available both as standard or insulated version incompliance with the high demands of the art world transports.

Variable inside, manageable outside

The Christoffel® has been developed for the vertical transportation of paintings. As a result, the painting always remains vertical during transport and exhibition. The boxes are provided with a buffered frame, that protects the painting against excessive mechanical influences. The buffered frame is provided with a mechanism which is adjustable in width and height. The Christoffel® interior features high-quality insulation panels, along with a hygroscopic layer, ensuring that the painting is protected from extreme temperatures and condensation.The Christoffel® protects paintings against climatic influences, changes in temperature, dust, moisture and mechanical influences such as vibrations and shocks. More information? Feel free to contact us.

Custom Made

The Christoffel® art transport cases are available in four standard sizes. The height and length of the box panels are equal, so that the art box is suitable for transporting both portrait and landscape formats. You can always contact us to request a quote.

Fawic has extensive experience in designing solutions for the transport of artwork. Together with your curator, we can find the best solution for the safe transport of your valuable pieces.